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drama and relationship: out-takes

I chopped out two sections from this week's intro to Job, one kind of general observation, and one related section from our consideration of Chapter 4. I could see even during the recording that I was going way over time, so I just gave up on the whole section and moved on to Jonah. It was such a useful subject to explore, though, that I went back afterwards to finish it off to publish as an out-take!

drama and relationship (2017/12/03)

Three cracking texts in this week's episode: Job, Jonah, and Hebrews. From the depths of human suffering to the very heart of Christian faith, this week's show felt like quite a journey. There are no easy answers this here, but more than enough to inspire us and challenge us to raise each other up.

An Introduction to Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah

In this bonus episode, I introduce the books of Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah at a midweek Bible study class recorded in Glasgow. We briefly look at their origin, their social and historical context, and (of course) the main features of their narrative. We also consider how each book fits into the larger story of second temple Judaism, and their relevance to the literary background of the New Testament.

identity and community (2017/11/19)

The story of the Bible is not just the story of God in the lives of individuals, but the story of how God acts on and through - and is understood by - communities of people. The emphasis on community is strong in the readings this week: its identity now, in the present, and its participation in a future apocalypse.

reflection and introspection (2017/11/12)

The Bible tells God's story by telling the story of his people, and this week we have Hosea, Ezra, and Paul doing exactly that. From the first prophetic watchman to a small tribe in the hill country of central Canaan, to the the great itinerant preacher who traversed the Mediterranean world proclaiming the good news of a risen Messiah to all peoples, we're running the full gamut of the biblical narrative in this show!

Rising Action (Acts 8)

From the most unlikely origins, Jesus will commission Paul to implement the great work narrated in the book of Acts - taking the gospel out across the Mediterranean world. But before Paul turns to Christ, even before Peter starts baptising Gentiles, comes the deacon Philip. In his preaching, the gospel smashes taboos of ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.