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love and happiness (2017/12/17)

Hello, friends! You're reading four cubits and a span. I'm Dan Abson, and this week I'm writing up my notes instead of podcasting them: a notcast, if you will.

Why? Because it's winter-time, and here in Central Scotland that means... viral and bacterial infections for all! I'm down and out with laryngitis and a chest infection, so there's no way to record your weekly dose of Bible story goodness. Still, the show goes on. Sort of.

poetry and philosophy (2017/12/10)

Advent is upon us, and it's not entirely un-topical to think about Job calling God to account and reflecting on how God acts in the world. In Nahum we've got some proper literature, and in observing some of those literary features, we ask the important question, "So what?" In the New Testament, James gives us at least half a dozen really good topics for an hour-long study (each), so I fold space-time to fit them all into ten minutes.