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the show

Hello friends, and welcome to four cubits and a span! I'm Dan Abson, and I'm a Christian lay teacher from Glasgow, UK. I publish a weekly podcast every Monday based around the three portions from the Bible Companion daily readings planner for the following Sunday.

Why four cubits and a span?

If you want to know, "Why that title?", have a listen to the intro podcast. As to, "Why do a podcast?" - well, that's another story. I'm a progressive Christian, Bible geek, and story nerd; but perhaps most of all, I'm interested in how the Bible texts can shape our view of God and guide the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Also, podcasts are cool.

I like to read, I like to ask questions, and I like to share the things I figure out with other people. I hope that 4QS will be useful to anyone who likes to read, think, and ask questions too. As a resource for the Christadelphian community of lay speakers and preachers where I teach and worship, it can be a 'starter for ten' for speakers preparing exhortations (sermons) who like to base their thoughts on one of the passages from the Bible Companion plan for the day.

Why me?

So, why should you listen to me? Good question! I don't have any formal training in Biblical interpretation, so what's my deal? It's really just a question of time. There are so many translations, study notes, commentaries, monographs, articles, and other podcasts out there, that the lay Bible reader is really spoiled for choice. Putting it all together and pulling out some teaching points is just something I enjoy doing.

I don't have a hotline to heaven, and I don't have conversations with the holy spirit. Instead, I cite my references.