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oath and wisdom: out-takes

The laws at the start of Numbers 5 might seem unconnected with each other, and with the magic abortion test of marital fidelity that comes next, but there's a common theme. Keeping faith - or breaking faith - ties the provisions in this chapter together.

land and loyalty (2019/03/17)

In spite of the dreadful audio quality in this episode (sorry about that) I really got sucked into the texts this week. The release and jubilee laws in Leviticus, which are cautiously liberative, are closely connected to the land of promise itself - both textually and historically; and in the New Testament, a synoptic study of an account in Luke reveals three surprisingly different versions of an originally shocking Jesus story.

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instruction and humanity (2019/03/10)

Three quite different passages this week: a list of sexual "don't"s in Leviticus; part of the astonishing Psalm 119 that puts humanity and God only a Torah's-breadth apart; and the question of whether or not the author of Luke-Acts positioned themselves as an historian (spoiler: they didn't). Running through this episode, though, is a similar range of questions based on how (and why) we read the Bible.

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