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minicast: Psalm 81

Psalm 81 features a classic, biblical counter-narrative. I leave it as a bit of an open question, so plenty to get stuck into here. This was fun to talk about for a few minutes last week, but I cut it for time because on account of how cool Psalm 82 is. I'm a bit behind on editing, so this week's conversation with Jo Kitchen will be along in a day or so!

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Renewal (Romans 12)

I had a lovely Sunday afternoon catching up with old friends in Wardley again, and this is the talk I gave at the eucharist service. I picked up on the threads of the Romans 12 segment from last week's podcast, cheerfully stealing Nat's comments as well as expanding on mine. The subject of renewal and transformation of mind/spirit as Christian is an easy one to talk about and say inspiring things about. But when it comes to really putting it into practice, well, that's where the real work is.

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perspective (2020/02/02)

The plague narrative is our jumping-off point for the epic that is Exodus, as our friend Nat Ritmeyer returns to 4QS to talk about how (and how not) to read it. We spend our time discussing how to let Exodus be Exodus, and not bring its towering theology crashing back down to a mundane level. There's just some much story to explore.

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