Scripture quotations taken from the Revised English Bible, copyright © Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press 1989. All rights reserved.

love and happiness (2017/12/17)

Hello, friends! You're reading four cubits and a span. I'm Dan Abson, and this week I'm writing up my notes instead of podcasting them: a notcast, if you will.

Why? Because it's winter-time, and here in Central Scotland that means... viral and bacterial infections for all! I'm down and out with laryngitis and a chest infection, so there's no way to record your weekly dose of Bible story goodness. Still, the show goes on. Sort of.

poetry and philosophy (2017/12/10)

Advent is upon us, and it's not entirely un-topical to think about Job calling God to account and reflecting on how God acts in the world. In Nahum we've got some proper literature, and in observing some of those literary features, we ask the important question, "So what?" In the New Testament, James gives us at least half a dozen really good topics for an hour-long study (each), so I fold space-time to fit them all into ten minutes.

drama and relationship: out-takes

I chopped out two sections from this week's intro to Job, one kind of general observation, and one related section from our consideration of Chapter 4. I could see even during the recording that I was going way over time, so I just gave up on the whole section and moved on to Jonah. It was such a useful subject to explore, though, that I went back afterwards to finish it off to publish as an out-take!

drama and relationship (2017/12/03)

Three cracking texts in this week's episode: Job, Jonah, and Hebrews. From the depths of human suffering to the very heart of Christian faith, this week's show felt like quite a journey. There are no easy answers this here, but more than enough to inspire us and challenge us to raise each other up.

justice (2017/11/26)

My friend Adina Whitcomb joins me by recording on this week's extended episode to talk about the book of Esther. We're going to really get stuck into the story and the character of Esther, and allow her to challenge us from across the millennia to make our world a more Godly place now.