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Curated lists from 4QS.

Short-form writing about the Bible, biblical studies, faith, Christianity, and more.

Fill your devices and minds with biblical interpretation, study, history, and application.

Dig deeper into the Bible with in-depth background resources: textual, historical, cultural, and exegetical.


Expand your horizons and dive deep into the world and text of the Bible, with these large sites full of great research and resource material.

Some of the world's finest Jewish scholars of Torah and the Hebrew Bible contribute to this open access site - and it's spectacular. From blog posts, to short articles, to long reads, has a huge breadth and depth of content that can supplement and focus your Bible study.

Bible History Daily from the Biblical Archaeology Society

The public access area of the Biblical Archaeology Society website is called Bible History Daily, and is packed with articles from the front lines of the field. Short articles cover topics directly relevant to the Hebrew Bible and New Testament texts, and with background data on the times and cultures of the biblical texts.

Gods of the Biblical World

The Bible is set in a polytheistic ancient world, and has many references to the gods and religions of the nations and peoples of the Levant. The Gods of the Biblical World website provides a great overview of those various religions, and it's stuffed full of references to other online resources for further research. (The menu is actually underneath the advert at the top of the page: click on the protruding tab to close the ad panel and see the menu.)

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