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Curated lists from 4QS.

Short-form writing about the Bible, biblical studies, faith, Christianity, and more.

Fill your devices and minds with biblical interpretation, study, history, and application.

Dig deeper into the Bible with in-depth background resources: textual, historical, cultural, and exegetical.


If you enjoy a good podcast around the house, while exercising, on your commute, or whatever, here are some recommendations. Click the logo to visit the podcast website. Some of these podcasts release new episodes infrequently, or are no longer broadcast, and I've included them for their excellent episode archive.


Podcasts that focus on biblical studies, exegesis, early Christian history, and theology. Feed your head here!

The Bible For Normal People Professor Pete Enns and writer Jared Byas converse with other biblical scholars, to ask, "What is the Bible, and what is it for?" Engaging conversations with Christian and Jewish academics and scholars, intended for a lay audience.
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Can I Say This At Church? Lay worship leader Seth Price interviews scholars, pastors, and artists, engaging difficult and challenging questions in Christian life and biblical studies. A weekly podcast by a layperson on his own personal faith journey, interspersed with contemporary worship music.
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LectioCast Writer, speaker, scholar, pastoral director, and former New Testament professor Daniel Kirk provides weekly insights into the Revised Common Lectionary passages for each Sunday. LectioCast was a major inspiration for four cubits and a span, so thanks Dr Kirk.
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NT PodVery accessible New Testament series, covering synoptic studies, historical context, and the historical Jesus in scholarship and popular culture. Mark Goodacre, a British professor of Religious Studies at Duke University, is a natural educator and excellent communicator.
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OnScript A team of four academics teaching Bible at US colleges take turns interviewing biblical studies authors about their upcoming book releases. OnScript hosts accessible conversations around a diverse selection of scholarly monographs, and is well worth your time.
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Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Professor of religious studies and ancient history Philip A. Harland broadcast the lectures from one of his taught university courses each year for eight years. Each series covers different New Testament and early Christian writings, social backgrounds, and religious traditions.
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Religious Learning Kameron Mazurek, fellow layperson and Christadelphian, runs the Religious Learning website and podcast. Publishing impeccably-researched content on Biblical and Jewish law, and with a focus on morality, family, and community, Religious Learning is another inspiration for four cubits and a span!


Podcasts that invite us to look out into the world, and ask how our faith drives us to live in the world and in our communities. This is where the rubber hits the road!

From The Platform Tom Peel, fellow layperson and Christadelphian, digs into the vital issues of conversing well about faith and scripture - especially when we disagree with one another. Dealing with challenging issues in a way that builds community has never been more important.
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Impolite Company Writer Nish Weiseth and journalist Amy Sullivan bring their Christian faith to bear on the subjects of religion and politics in current affairs, particularly where the two intersect. Thoughtful and valuable commentary and analysis (US-centric).
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The Faith Angle Confessing Christians Kirsten Powers (author, political analyst), and Jonathan Merritt (writer, editor), host conversations on the challenge of living as a person of faith in a polarised religious and political climate. Focuses on current affairs and constructive dialogue (US-centric).
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For The Love Writer and speaker Jen Hatmaker is driven to find (and share) meaning and joy and hope, and on this podcast she lifts up people who are walking the walk in oh so many different ways. Listen to people living and/or uncovering a life infused with faith.
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Parenting Forward Writer Cindy Wang Brandt hosts conversations on faithfully parenting children in the 21st century. Engaging scripture and life responsibly is a challenge, let alone equipping children to do the same. Brandt and her guests present loads of helpful content and perspective.
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