Scripture quotations taken from the Revised English Bible, copyright © Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press 1989. All rights reserved.


Coming soon! Curated lists from 4QS.

Short-form writing about the Bible, biblical studies, faith, Christianity, and more.

Fill your devices and minds with biblical interpretation, study, history, and application.

Dig deeper into the Bible with in-depth background resources: textual, historical, cultural, and exegetical.


I don't consult these every time, but I often dip into them for valuable perspectives.


New English Translation of the Septuagint
This is a modern, eclectic translation of the text from the title of 4QS is taken (1 Samuel 17:4). The NT writers quote the Hebrew Bible from the Septuagint, so it's invaluable. The proofs of the second edition are freely downloadable in PDF form.
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The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
Reconstructed from the texts available in the Qumran caves, this volume is a translation of the earliest form of the Hebrew Bible currently known. Come for the answers, stay for the questions.
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The New Testament for Everyone
Anglican scholar Tom Wright provides his own translation of the NT texts, with practical commentary amd study.
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