Scripture quotations taken from the Revised English Bible, copyright © Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press 1989. All rights reserved.


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These translations, study notes, and reference works are my standard, go to, "What's going on here?" first ports of call. Assume that I consulted them all while preparing each episode, because I probably did. Each episode as its own references in the show notes for other books or sources consulted while I wrote my notes.

As with any work cited on 4QS, responsibility for errors of interpretation or representation is mine.


Revised English Bible (Oxford study notes)
A remarkably ecumenical 1989 translation, overhauling the New English Bible (1970). Dynamic and literary translation including the Apocrypha, backed by rigorous scholarship that really comes through in the excellent notes of the Oxford edition.
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New Revised Standard Version (HarperCollins study notes)
The benchmark for formal equivalence in biblical translation, published in 1989 (including the Apocrypha). The HarperCollins notes (revised 2006) reflect some of the most up-to-date contributions from modern biblical scholarship.
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New English Translation (with translators' notes)
The NET (2005) is a formally equivalent translation with astonishingly transparent and informative notes on the biblical source texts and languages. Language geeks, rejoice: the text and notes can be read freely online.
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Jewish Study Bible
The 1985 Tanakh (translating the Hebrew Bible, so, Old Testament only) from the Jewish Publication Society. Combined with extensive notes from a Jewish perspective, highlighting traditional, modern and notable Christian interpretations. Brilliant introductory essay for each book.
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* electronic edition contains biblical text only

Study Notes

Zondervan Study Bible notes
Published in 2015 with the text of the NIV translation, these notes represent the best of conservative and confessional scholarship. A valuable counterpoint.

Reference Works

Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
The definitive modern Bible dictionary (1992). That is all. Get it second-hand, on sale, or through your local/campus library.

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