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This page is written with thanks to my wife, and to my friends online and IRL, who all talk Bible with me.

Dan Abson

I'm the happy father of three children, and a total story nerd. That means I'm particularly interested in the Biblical narrative - context, genre, sub-text, and people. I'm also an avid reader and podcast listener (see the sidebar on this site). In my spare time, I'm an IT sysadmin from Glasgow, UK.

I am fortunate to have friends who are much smarter than me. I've convinced some of them to join me on 4QS. Occasionally, four cubits and a span will publish material from contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Kameron Mazurek

Kameron loves studying biblical and extra-biblical texts, understanding biblical and rabbinical law, midrash, as well as First Temple and early Christian theology. He lives in the great country of Texas.

Becky Lewis

Becky is a music teacher living near Birmingham (UK) with her husband and three children. She enjoys thinking about overarching themes and lessons in the Bible, and how these are relevant to life as a 21st-century Christian.

Jo Kitchen

Jo is usually found chasing small children or hiding from them up the garden. She is married to Nathan and steals all his free time. She is not a nerd, but appreciates them for helping to answer difficult Biblical questions. She would like to live out God’s mercy and grace in her small corner of the Midlands, and is finding peace with everyday ministry.

Jessica Miller

Jessica lives in Arkansas, USA. She is drawing out her education as long as possible, because the flexible schedule allows her to attend many fraternal gatherings during the year and go on random road trips (the Arctic and the Outback being the most recent) on breaks. She enjoys several things, but mostly just her dog.

Adina Whitcomb

Adina lives in Washington State, USA. She enjoys cooking, watching her favorite shows, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her three cats and various other pets.

Nat Ritmeyer

Nat lives in the UK Midlands with his wife and sons. His main interests are the Ancient Near Eastern background to the Bible, the Iron Age I period, and travelling through the Modern Near East. He is also scared of geese.

Nathan Kitchen

Nathan lives in England with his wife, three children, and a range of unfinished projects. He enjoys his tea with eschatology, apologetics, and plenty of good hermeneutics. He does not have any spare time.

More co-hosts coming soon!