The four cubits podcast has always been about taking seriously both our ancient Bible and our modern lives, even when doing so leads us away from easy, neat answers. Often, that approach will lead us towards personal and communal change - and despite what you might have heard from some Christians, theres nothing more biblical than change!

This episode explores some of the ways in which the people of God in scripture not only navigated changes in themselves, their communities, and their world, but how their experiences of God often drove those changes.

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I wrote this last September, published a shorter version on my Edinburgh church's Sunday blog, and recorded this longer text around the same time. I don't entirely know why it's taken me so long to publish it on the podcast feed but, as I say in the episode intro, I don't really know where I fit in right now. If you can relate to that feeling of being adrift on your own little liferaft of faith, well, this episode is for you. Maybe we can drift together and help each other find somewhere to land.

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Christian Ethics and Social Justice: The Gospel of the Human Jesus (script | video)


Hebrews 5, Ephesians 4, Genesis 22, Genesis 9, Leviticus 6, Hosea 6