Three cracking texts in this week's episode: Job, Jonah, and Hebrews. From the depths of human suffering to the very heart of Christian faith, this week's show felt like quite a journey. There are no easy answers this here, but more than enough to inspire us and challenge us to raise each other up.

There was so much more to say on Job, and we've got five more weeks through to the end of the year to cover some of that ground. Still, look out for an outtake snippet on form criticism in Job later this week. To highlight some of the issues to tackle in the composition of the book, I briefly considered a possible redactional history for chapters 25-28. Also, I explain roughly what form criticism and redaction criticism are and why they're useful.

The letter to the Hebrews is a personal favourite of mine so I had to really hold back on that this week. Jonah's prophecy is unsurprisingly full of meaty goodness, but I settled for an appreciation of the humour, satire, and confronting message of the book.

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