The Bible tells God's story by telling the story of his people, and this week we have Hosea, Ezra, and Paul doing exactly that. From the first prophetic watchman to a small tribe in the hill country of central Canaan, to the the great itinerant preacher who traversed the Mediterranean world proclaiming the good news of a risen Messiah to all peoples, we're running the full gamut of the biblical narrative in this show!

On the way we'll find a few surprises and some different visions of God and his people. We'll hear the reflections of God through Hosea, see the providence of God with Ezra, and feel the power of God for salvation in Paul. Inspiring stuff!

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Ezra 8, NVCLTRLBCBBLNTS, Hosea 9, HRMNEIA28HO, Deuteronomy 32, Jeremiah 2, Ezekiel 16, Acts 28, 1 Peter 5, Isaiah 6, Acts 13, Acts 18