Hello, friends! You're reading four cubits and a span. I'm Dan Abson, and this week I'm writing up my notes instead of podcasting them: a notcast, if you will.

Why? Because it's winter-time, and here in Central Scotland that means... viral and bacterial infections for all! I'm down and out with laryngitis and a chest infection, so there's no way to record your weekly dose of Bible story goodness. Still, the show goes on. Sort of.

The debate rages on in Job, and our protagonist is quickly losing patience with his rubbish friends - and with God. But hiding behind his righteous anger is an appeal to a God of justice. In Zephaniah's prophecy we have some creative ambiguity in oracles aimed at Jerusalem under Josiah, and a God who sacrifices for the sake of being with the people he loves.

Finally, in the magnificent letter of 1 John, we reminded that being children of light includes loving each other, examining ourselves, and resisting the temptation to be total jerks. I've done whole Sunday-morning talks on 1 John, and it always seems to draw me back. It's a great touchstone for practically implementing the prayer of Jesus recorded in (the gospel of) John 17.

I've only written up Job 21 so far, but it's Saturday and I want to publish something, so BOOM! here it is:

With some rest and recuperation I hope to be back in your ear in the New Year. Until then, I'm going to have a crack at some more writing: though it's taken me all week to get my Job 21 material down in black and white! Next week was due to be Job 33, Zechariah 9, and Revelation 7-9.

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Thanks for reading four cubits and a span this week! Stay tuned to this blog or the Facebook page for updates.


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Job 21, Ezekiel 18, Jeremiah 31, Zephaniah 3, Ezekiel 22, Revelation 21, 1 John 3, 1 John 4