Advent is upon us, and it's not entirely un-topical to think about Job calling God to account and reflecting on how God acts in the world. In Nahum we've got some proper literature, and in observing some of those literary features, we ask the important question, "So what?" In the New Testament, James gives us at least half a dozen really good topics for an hour-long study (each), so I fold space-time to fit them all into ten minutes.

Because our readings in Job will be a little difficult to properly discuss unless we know The Story So Far, the podcast is going to be a little longer than usual throughout December. I'm going to briefly recap the argumentation for the week's Job readings, before moving on to do a proper segment on Sunday's reading. Hopefully it won't get too tedious, and the extra context will be useful for appreciating the narrative arc of each character.

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Job 8, Job 9, Job 11, Job 12, Nahum 1, Nahum 2, James 4, James 5, Euthyphro