After an extended break due to illness, four cubits and a span will be returning with new episodes in April!

To tide you over, this special episode is a nice follow-up to last November's episode Justice with Addie Whitcomb, where we looked at Esther 1. It picks up on some threads that we didn't have time to explore, and moves along into chapter 2 to look at Mordecai's part in Esther's story. I even have a go at putting Esther in its Jewish literary context by comparing it with other biblical and extra-biblical texts that put female perspective and power front and centre.

This study was originally recorded for my old church at Ormskirk, to kick off their study of Esther that appropriately started just before Purim on the Jewish calendar, in this year 5778. And, as a (slightly belated) celebration of International Women's Day, the Hebrew Bible really shines in the book of Esther. Allow it to challenge and inspire you, and you'll be respecting this book's subversive intent.

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