We're still in the weeds of the conquest narrative in Joshua, and we're hitting that hard this week. Allow scripture to challenge and inspire you, and we'll be fine. In Isaiah we have a glorious, hopeful vision of the work of God in the world, as one who comes to bless all peoples. Finally, in 2 Timothy we take a wider view of the letter and try to restrain our natural affinity for reading scripture as an instruction manual.

We have one more week to go on the challenge of Joshua and ancient Israel, and in this episode I lay out why I think it's such an important one to tackle. In this segment I try to draw together on all of the critical reading skills I've been trying to develop on the podcast - self-awareness, ancient context, composition, evidence-based interpretation, genre, authorial intent - in order address concrete issues that directly shape our faith and gospel hope.

I feel a little bad for short-changing 2 Timothy again, and you should listen to that with the knowledge the Pauline authorship is disputed (but I assume Pauline authorship for this approach). My heart was really in Joshua and Isaiah for this episode: the Isaiah passage is magnificent, and surprising, and just as challenging as the Joshua passage for almost all the opposite reasons. I hope that you come out of it feeling as rejuvenated as I did!

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Biblical Historical Context: Joshua 10 & 11
A series of posts covering the conquest campaign narratives in Joshua, and what we can learn about them from the genre of ancient Near Eastern war report.


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