Well, for a 'shorter summer episode' this one turned out to have legs. The King David narrative has reached Absalom's rebellion in 2 Samuel, which really brings up questions about how David's reign got to the point of a coup; and in Romans, Paul is giving it some welly. (Jeremiah is pretty horrific, actually, but that brings its own questions to the fore.)

There's really no way to do a short piece on Romans, and the main reason I'm not taking next week off (but might the week after) is because I don't want to miss out on Romans 15-16. I try to put Romans into a bit of context, and read it as a real letter to real people in a real place. I think it comes to life that way, but you can tell me what you think after you've listened.

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Fitzmyer, Joseph A. (1993). Romans: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary, Anchor Yale Bible Commentary. New Haven, CT; London: Yale University Press.
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Why Michal Rightly Despised David, The Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D. (2018)


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