It's our one-year anniversary! We're looking at the significance of the generic 'Elisha and the king of Israel' stories early in 2 Kings, and really getting stuck into the emotional struggle in Lamentations. In 1 Corinthians, our spirit is tested again - this time by the non-hierarchical organisation of the early Pauline churches.

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Lamentations has stuck with me throughout the year since I first talked about it on episode #1, so it's nice to be back there this week. There's a lot of hard, emotional work to do to really get through chapter 3, the longest of the book's poems. It's something that I think we should practice more.

And, as a member of a lay community, 1 Corinthians 16 hits home in conveying the profound spiritual strength of a Christian community working together to build the church. There's not much of a safety net, but when people of faith show up to make it work, it's transformative.

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episode #1: grief and comfort (2017/09/03) for more on Lamentations 3-4


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