As we continue to engage with the historical storytelling of the Deuteronomist, we're confronted with whiny cry-baby King Ahab and a sneak attack by the challenge of divine retribution. Jeremiah has a screed against Moab and a peek into pre-exilic Israelite religion. But mostly we're spending this week with the apostle Paul, talking about sex, marriage, and the Christian conscience.

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The 1 Corinthians passage this week is pretty challenging. It pushes us to acknowledge that in listening carefully to our own conscience as followers of Jesus, we have to make sure that other people have space to do the same - even when their conscience goes in a different direction to ours.

I'm also teasing the first Christadelphian Digital Expo, and not just because I'm presenting at it. Check out the links below to find out more about this upcoming event, showcasing technology for the everyday life of the church. The team has put together a great day, so check it out!

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