We've been calling Luke's gospel 'the gospel to the marginalised', for his consistent focus on Jesus' interactions with people on the edges of society. But what does that mean in practice? It's much easier to study the text and observe how the narrative works, than it is to answer the challenge to enact the same in our own churches and lives.

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This is another Sunday morning address, which draws on the content of the Luke 8 segment from a couple of weeks ago. Moving from study to devotional is a challenge in and of itself, but this one pretty much writes itself. Even so, I hope that this is a useful demonstration of striking a balance between informed biblical studies and practical exhortation.

You'll also get to hear me mangle the names of a couple of biblical books in Farsi, for the scant benefit of some friends for whom English is a second language.

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Luke 8, Isaiah 6, Mark 4