It's a big four cubits welcome back to last-minute co-host Nat Ritmeyer for the Psalms segment this week, as we dive back into the theology of Iron Age Israel through its poetry. We also have a shorter Genesis segment (stay tuned for more of Rebekah's story next week), and in Matthew we're looking again at the evangelist's use of material from Mark's gospel.

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There's some cool Genesis material that didn't make the cut, so that's coming up next week while I recover from the lurgy - though just the regular kind this year! This week's episode is extra-long to make up for it, as Nat and I go to town on Psalm 29 and its connection to contemporary Israelite society.

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Ascribe to Yahweh, the ancient context of Psalm 29, by Nat Ritmeyer (includes bibliographic details for the Psalms segment).


Genesis 24, Genesis 12, Genesis 18, Genesis 22, Psalm 29, Deuteronomy 32, Judges 2, Psalm 96, Psalm 110, Matthew 15, Mark 7, Matthew 8, Matthew 20, HRMNEIA61BMT, CCS19PS01