Outtakes from the last two episodes! We revisit Isaiah 16, in which Isaiah himself revisits an earlier prophecy; and we ask which way the anachronisms in Joshua 17-19 cast their shadows.

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There's a note at the end of Isaiah 16 that the preceding oracle is not a new prophetic utterance, but an older, already-known oracle that Isaiah is repeating. In this short clip cut from last week's episode, we take a look at what that means; and we compare this passage, with another earlier in the book, that seems to be doing something similar.

rewriting oracles

In this next clip, we dive back into Joshua 19 to take a look at what's going on with the allotment of Canaanite land to the Israelite tribes. Boundaries set only in chapter 19 appear to be referenced in earlier chapters - so how does this anachronism work in the narrative? Backwards, from chapter 19; or forwards, from chapters 17-18? (Spoiler: I've no idea.)

settlement chronology

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episode #62: conquest and integrity, including the Isaiah 16 segment from which rewriting oracles was cut
episode #63: ethics and self-awareness, including the Joshua 19 segment from which settlement chronology was cut


Joshua 19, Joshua 17, Joshua 18, Isaiah 16, Isaiah 8