four cubits and a span is back! Jo Kitchen returns to co-host this episode, and we take a look at three passages that make us ask all of the most interesting questions that the Bible invites us to consider. (Spoiler alert: they all start with "Why...?")

This new season of the podcast kicks off with the bloodless, U-rated version of Solomon's accession to the throne; the 15-rated, blood-soaked gore-fest that is the epic, eschatalogical, apocalyptic final battle of Ezekiel 39; and, in a passage chosen by my co-host, Qoheleth tries to bring some kind of balance and perspective to the question of life's purpose and meaning. Together, Jo and I reflect on these scriptures, and on our responses to them.

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I'm hoping to produce more of these co-hosted episodes for the podcast - I already have some willing volunteers, and we're keen to get talking. We'll be thinking about how we approach these ancient texts in the 21st century, and why they matter to us so much. We'll also be reflecting on ways that we've changed and grown over the years, and why honest conversations about faith and scripture are so important.

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episode #7: temple and tradition (2017/10/15), includes a closer look at the Chronicler's narrative, and why the Davidic monarchy has more theological significance than the Exodus in the books of Chronicles


2 Chronicles 1, 2 Chronicles 2, 1 Kings 3, 1 Chronicles 11, 1 Chronicles 28, 1 Chronicles 29, 1 Kings 2, Ezekiel 39, Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 14, Ecclesiastes 3, NIVAC21EC, NICOT21EC