A quick flashback this week, in lieu of a full-length episode, to a very brief mention a few weeks ago of the pastoral epistles. I promised a minicast giving an overview of the question of who wrote the letters to Timothy and Titus, and here it is. Many biblical scholars have good reasons to think it wasn't Paul, and there are reasons to pay close attention to this question. I'm going to suggest that it's not for the reason that you might at first think, but either way: more information is always better.

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Despite saying that I wasn't going to address issues of the New Testament canon itself, I did ad-lib a little bit on the subject. It's an interesting one, and puts into perspective the question of Pauline authorship (or not) of the pastorals.

Long story short: this isn't a scary subject, despite the visceral reactions that it might provoke in a certain kind of Bible reader. My hope here is to explain a little bit about the scholarly position against Pauline authorship; why it's important on a literary and textual level; and why it doesn't bother me on a confessional level, as a Bible-believing Christian.

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