An extended segment on Job dives into the curious framing narrative that opens the book. With a heightened sense of reality and a gathering of divine beings, what's really going on here - and what part does it really play in the drama of Job? A similar, literary look at the middle of the Jonah narrative gives way to a consideration of what modern people do with ancient prophecy - and Hebrews picks up that question and runs with it!

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This is one of those rare occasions when the three readings all tie into each other in some way, with the Bible's literary nature coming to the fore in this week's episode. What fresh insights do ancient wisdom and prophecy have for people in a different time and place? How do ancient texts continue to live and breathe and speak the truth of God into the world when their original time and place are long gone? When new or unexpected things happen to transform the world, what do Bible readers do with their sacred texts?

Hard questions! In this episode, we turn to the community of the book of Jonah, and to the writer of the letter to the Hebrews, to see their answers even as we consider our own.

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The Jewish Study Bible lists the following intertextual connections between the prayer in Jonah 2 and the Psalms.
v. 3 and cf. Pss. 18.7; 30.3; 118.5; 120.1; 130.1, 2; v. 4 and cf. Ps. 42.8; v. 5 and cf. Ps. 31.23; v. 6 and cf. Pss. 18.5-6 and 69.2; v. 7 and cf. Pss. 30.4 and 71.20; v. 8a and cf. Pss. 142.4 and 143.4; v. 8b and cf. Pss. 5.8; 18.7 and 88.3; v. 9 and cf. Ps. 31.7; v. 10a and cf. Pss. 42.5; 50.14, 23 and 66.13; v. 10b and cf. Ps. 3.9


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Job 1, Job 2, Jonah 2, Jonah 3, Genesis 19, Exodus 7, 1 Samuel 10, Hebrews 8, Jeremiah 31, Hebrews 9, Leviticus 16, ZIBBCOT05, FRMOTLIT18JOB