Redemption for all people in all places is a thread that runs from the Korahite Psalms (such as today's Psalm 49), through the centuries, to the writing of the apostle Paul (as in Romans 1-3). Two spectacular, inspirational texts to look at there this week. There's even a hint of the sentiment in Joseph's actions in Genesis 44, which brings the Joseph narrative full circle quite poetically.

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We're also going to see Paul engage with the deuterocanonical book Wisdom of Solomon. This is one of the books of the Old Testament 'Apocrypha', which was canonical in Christian scripture for over a thousand years, appearing in the earliest Christian Bibles (in the Greek Septuagint) and in the Latin Vulgate. It was the Protestant Reformation that ultimately downgraded the status of these books - it was Luther who first printed them in a separate, inter-testamental section, in the Luther Bible. Still, the deuterocanonical books were printed in the initial editions of the King James Version in the 17th century, and they're still considered inspired scripture in Catholic and Eastern Christianity.

I like to host challenging discussions on four cubits and a span, not for the sake of being challenging or controversial, but with the aim of growing as a Christian through the pages of inspired scripture. It's in these conversations that we affirm, renew, and refine our faith and discipleship.

I always try to make sure that I balance my biblical studies spiels with a "So what?" summary for those of us who are practising Christians. Sometimes the passages take me in unexpected directions, and sometimes I see it coming a mile off. Those questions of ethics, worship, and discipleship are exciting and crucial, and I'd like to do more to cover them. What do you think?

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