So what happens when the reality of the biblical text crashes against our expectations of biblical reality? We're taking that head-on in the Numbers passage this week, as we consider the choice: explain away the biblical text, or change our perspecive on it. Perhaps Proverbs can help us properly frame our search for wisdom in the Bible.

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There's a fantastic selection of Proverbs this week, which illustrates the diversity of sayings in the book - and the different ways in which the book invites us to conduct our search for wisdom. Importantly, it also points us at a purpose to our search. Hint: it's not just to be clever.

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Milgrom, Jacob (1989). Numbers, The JPS Torah Commentary. Philadaelphia, PA: The Jewish Publication Society.
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Trajectories (Ephesians 5-6), the second special following episode #35, covers the two chapters from the New Testament portion this week. Paul's household code for Christians always makes for brilliant reading, I just ran out of time to prep anything new for it this week!


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